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Preside CL®

Preside CL®

Soybean Inoculant

Rev up soybeans for faster emergence

Preside CL® soybean inoculant brings more nitrogen into the plant by adding additional nodules and making more efficient use of supplied nitrogen. Early nodulation creates more secondary and feeder roots for potentially more nodulation sites, which increases nutrient uptake and creates greater yield potential.

To accelerate nutrient acquisition and assimilation for healthier plants and greater yield potential, Preside CL pairs a powerful soybean inoculant along with a unique extender containing Verdesian’s patented “Take Off” technology. This combination improves soybeans’ ability to emerge, establish a stand and effectively utilize the increased levels of nitrogen supplied by Preside CL.

The details

• Up to four times more rhizobia (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) with multiple strains for more consistency

• Up to 65% more nodulation and nodule masses, increasing nitrogen-fixing capacity

• Increases noduation sites to support higher nitrogen uptake and greater yield potential

• Faster canopy closure to capture more light and preserve soil moisture

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use.

Application Instructions

Apply 160ml per 100kg of seed


Preside® CL Soybean


Can be stored for up to 18months providing a CFU count of 30 x 109

Trial Data

Product Performance

Average yield increases

Preside CL improves stand establishment by up to 20 percent*. Replicated trials in 2014 showed improved yields in 90 percent* of the comparisons. It has more than two times the return of base inoculants and nearly a 4 Bu./A* advantage when compared to no inoculant.

*Data on file

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