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Phosphorus Use Efficiency Technology

Optimize phosphorus performance for a stronger, earlier start

AVAIL® T5 Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancer uses an all-new patented polymer technology to reduce the fixation of applied phosphorus, keeping more available for plant uptake, speeding early growth, and improving crop health and yield potential.

Based on our all-new T5 polymer technology, AVAIL T5 offers better performance, handling, storage and ease-of-use. In addition, AVAIL technology makes more of your applied phosphorus available to your plants, regardless of source or timing, increasing phosphorus efficiency uptake in the plant.

Get more from your phosphorus investment

Positively charged elements in the soil like calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron can cause phosphorus to become fixed in the soil. But AVAIL T5 reacts with these ions, shielding phosphorus fertilizer from fixation. More available P can lead can lead to more robust root systems, boosting early-season performance, plant stress tolerance, crop quality and yield potential.

Phosphorus use efficiency benefits more than just your farm. More readily available and soluble phosphorus in the soil allows for more better plant root interception and efficient plant nutrient uptake, leading to less phosphorus buildup in the soil and less lost to creeks, rivers, lakes and bays, making AVAIL T5 a critical part of your 4R Nutrient Stewardship best management practices (BMPs).

Key Benefits
  • Increased phosphorus efficiency for increased uptake in the plant
  • Delivers 3-to-1 return on your investment
  • Better early season crop performance
  • More robust roots and stalks
  • Improved plant stress resistance
  • More consistent performance
  • Flexible application timing
  • Less equipment buildup
  • Less phosphorus soil buildup
  • Powered by new T5 polymer technology

Application Guidelines

Always read and follow label instructions and restrictions before use.

Soil Types and Crops

AVAIL is designed to reduce fixation of phosphate fertilizers in any soil type and to be used with any crop where phosphate fertilizer is deemed by best management practices to be useful for plant growth and development. If you expect to get a response from your P fertilizer investment, AVAIL will improve the efficiency of your P fertilizer application.

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Trial Data

Product Performance

Average yield increases

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