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One Practice, One Change

One Practice, One Change

Sharing resources, insight and technologies for farming that is both sustainable and profitable

The conservation movement began with farmers. It’s with a great sense of pride in their land, community and family that production agriculture operates its business.

In this episode of Groundswell, we talk about the collaboration among farmers, researchers, retailers and distributors to secure long-term sustainability for our land and water, and advance the profit potential from our crops.

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Interview Highlights

Katie Sawyer, a farmer from McPherson, KS, trials new sustainable farming practices each year, and shares how changing one practice at a time can make an impact in a community. Learn more about Katie’s farm operation, including field days, at Sawyer Land and Cattle  – and more from her blog at New to the Farm.

Every little bit of nutrient efficiency counts, and Jess Trotter, a retailer in Nebraska, helps his farmer customers manage their input per acre to boost profitability. Most recently, Trotter Fertilizer partnered with Farmer’s Edge to elevate their variable-rate technology services and provide farmers with prescriptive insight into their fields so they can operate more efficiently and sustainably. Farmers in the area can contact Jess and other members of Trotter Fertilizer at 308-789-6200.

According to The American Farm Bureau Federation, the U.S. has increased on-farm productivity by more than 250 percent since 1948. Michael Berry, marketing manager with Winfield United, shares how they’re advancing on-farm productivity along with responsible, sustainable stewardship of resources – from retailer-and farmer-focused initiatives, such as Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN, to more consumer-facing partnerships, like National Geographic Unchartered Waters. Winfield is also developing new tools to help farmers do more with less, such as R7, a decision-ag solution that provides unbiased product performance and critical field data to help develop and evaluate variable-rate prescriptions. Visit for more information about local sustainability programs for your operation.

Nick Goeser, director of soil health and sustainability at the Soil Health Partnership (SHP), shares data and insight into what makes healthy soil sustain higher yields, and how to make these practices more accessible to farmers. This year, SHP is expanding research locations to 100 farms to help quantify the economic and environmental benefits farmers can expect from soil health practices. To see some of the preliminary results from these research farms, visit

Nigel Grech shares his experience as a specialty crop farmer in California and executive vice president of Verdesian Life Sciences. Whether it be water quality, nutrient use efficiency or soil health, Nigel confirms, “Sustainability makes economic sense.” Learn more about Nigel and the products he uses to secure a sustainable and profitable operation at

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