Solutions for a Stronger Yield


Nutri-Phite is a patented formulation of phosphite and organic acids that delivers a powerful nutritional punch plants need to perform at optimal levels. Research has shown Nutri-Phite consistently out-performs all other phosphites.

Plant uptake of Nutri-Phite is consistently higher and more readily absorbed through leaf tissue than other forms of common phosphites.

Nutri-Phite is stable in solution - a key advantage especially in tank mixes with other micronutrients and pesticides. Unlike other phosphites, Nutri-Phite has superior compatibility due to a patented formulation of organic acids that stabilizes the solution. Non-stabilized phosphites have a higher conversion rate into phosphate leading to increased risk of tank mix degradation and phytotoxicity.

The conversion (oxidation) of phosphite (PO3) to phosphate is a common problem when exposed to oxygen. This is particularly problematic in spray applications. The patented organic acid formulation of Nutri-Phite slows this conversion resulting in more plant-available phosphorus and less danger of phytotoxicity. Studies have shown that Nutri-Phite has only a 4% oxidation loss as opposed to 18% with common phosphites.

Enhanced biochemical response triggered by Nutri-Phite's patented formulation improves plant health and vigor. Key biochemical pathways function more efficiently building a stronger internal shield against environmental stress.


Take Off is a natural plant metabolite that accelerates carbon fixation, improves nitrate uptake and nitrogen use efficiency. Its unique metabolic process stimulates plant development and vigor without growth hormones.

When a plant absorbs Take Off, either through leaf tissue or roots, it triggers a series of reactions within the plant that help coordinate nitrogen uptake and photosynthetic processes already ongoing within the plant.

The plant responds to metabolic signals that indicate how much nitrogen has been taken in and how much carbon dioxide can be channeled for more efficient carbon fixation and improved nitrogen availability.

This unique formulation originated with an investigation of carbon and nitrogen metabolic interactions that led to the discovery of a natural plant metabolite - an amino acid that coordinates two vital processes:

  • - Nitrogen uptake
  • - Photosynthesis (conversion of carbon dioxide into organic molecules or carbon dioxide fixation)

Take Off stimulates a plant to fix more carbon dioxide, setting in motion a cyclic cascade of events. The cycle begins with increased carbon metabolism, which stimulates the plant to take up more nitrogen from the soil and enhances fixation. The plant begins to grow faster. The increased nitrogen stimulates metabolism, which increases protein and reduces nitrate in the leaves. The plant makes more of its own natural metabolite, further stimulating carbon dioxide fixation and causing the cycle to begin again.

the Take Off plant cycle

  • Step 1

    Apply Take Off
  • Step 2

    CO2 fixation increases
  • Step 3

    Carbon metabolism increases
  • Step 4

    Carbon metabolism stimulates uptake and nitrogen fixation

    Plants start growing faster

  • Step 5

    Nitrogen metabolism increases

    Greater nitrogen use efficiency and increased protein levels

  • Step 6

    Plant makes more metabolite and stimulates itself further

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