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Primo CL is a ready to use, highly-concentrated liquid inoculant that delivers an exceptional multi-action inoculant to soybean crops. With an industry-leading 20 billion (2.0 x 1010) colony forming units (CFUs) of rhizobia per gram, Primo CL elevates custom applied inoculant products to a new standard. Primo CL delivers up to four times the viable rhizobia per seed with the lowest application rate of any multi-action inoculant on the market when used as a standalone product.

Primo CL is specially formulated to promote plant health, boost yields and maximize the benefits of rhizobia through:

  • Faster emergence that provides nodulation sites sooner
  • Increased nutrient uptake that allows plants to support developing nodules
  • Improved node development, pod set and retention, which increase expression of yield potential
  • Easy to handle, low-viscosity formulation for superior seed flowability

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The first year we used Primo CL soybean inoculant, a lot of growers could literally see a difference. That was the only inoculant we ever treated with that guys came in and said, 'I definitely want that next year.' The plant was a darker green, and it was almost like a whole growth stage ahead of other soybeans that were planted the same day. Growers could see the difference. The Primo CL started selling itself." - Craig Walter, Salor Farm Center, Delta, Ohio


4 x 50 Case - treats 200 units of soybeans per case
2 x 200 Case - treats 400 units of soybeans per case

Primo GX2

Primo GX2 is an in-furrow, multi-action granular seed inoculant that brings more nitrogen to the plant and performs well in harsh planting conditions. When used under these conditions, Primo GX2 helps ensure improved water and nutrient uptake for healthier plants by combining high levels of N-fixing rhizobia with an organic biological growth promoter.

The formulation maximizes the effectiveness of the rhizobia, boosting plant health from the start and enabling the seed to reach its full genetic potential to maximize yield. Primo GX2 leads to increased seedling vigor, improved stand count, enlarged root mass development and additional nodulation.

  • Increases seedling vigor - noticeable height difference during early growth stages
  • Improves stand count - provides more plants for quicker canopy development and increased yield potential
  • Enlarges root mass development - improved water and nutrient uptake
  • Additional nodulation - more available nitrogen to increase the potential number of pegs and pods that are set


40 Lb. Bag | 520 Lb. Tote

Primo Power CL

Primo Power, a higher concentration liquid seed inoculant for peanuts, is designed to maximize plant growth with specially selected strains of rhizobia. Primo Power CL enables healthier plants right from the start and maximizes yield potential with increased nodulation.


4 x 10 Case - treats 40 units of peanuts per case when planted at 36" row spacing


Primo CL

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Primo GX2 Pea/Vetch/Lentil

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Primo Soybean

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Formulation Availability

Primo CL : United States
Primo Pea/Vetch/Lentil : United States
Primo GX2 Dry Bean : United States
Primo GX2 Garbanzo/Chickpea : United States
Primo GX2 Pea/Vetch/Lentil : United States
Primo GX2 Peanut : United States
Primo GX2 Soybean : United States
Primo Power CL : United States
Primo Soybean : United States
Primo Garbanzo/Chickpea : United States