Seed Treatments & Inoculants

Improve nutrient and micronutrient utilization, increase yield potential and boost crop performance with our convenient seed-applied inoculants and technologies.

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Accolade® is the latest advancement in plant growth promoting technology for wheat. It leads to improved root mass development, seedling vigor and fertilizer utilization.

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Guard-N® is a specially formulated seed inoculant for garden peas, sweet peas, beans, lima beans and soybeans.

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N-Charge® is specially formulated to increase seed adhesion over traditional planter box inoculants by as much as 150%. Better seed adhesion means more inoculant in the root zone for proper nodulation.

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N-Dure™ is a premium peat inoculant that helps plants improve nitrogen fixation.

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Developed especially for harsh planting conditions, N-Row® granulated peat inoculant is a multi-dimensional soybean inoculant designed to maximize yields on marginal soil types.

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The high-powered, nitrogen-fixing bacteria in N-Take™ help soybean plants fix the nitrogen they need to perform.

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Preside CL®

Preside CL® soybean inoculant with Take Off® technology delivers superior nitrogen fixation and improved nutrient acquisition.

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Take a strong stand for optimum yields with Pre-Vail™, the ready-to-use, clay-based pre-inoculant designed to improve early seedling vigor and nodulation.

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Boost yield potential and nitrogen availability with Primo, the industry-leading inoculant formulated for soybeans, peanuts, peas and lentils.

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Take Off ST®

Take Off ST® is a revolutionary product for use as a seed treatment on a wide range of plant seeds. It fully engages seed energy reserves for a fast, healthier start.

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Tuxedo® features patented polymer technology that protects micronutrients from outside interference and keeps them available to the crop longer.

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