Nutritionals & Micronutrients

These products are designed to help you attain higher yields by helping plants reach their full potential. Improve nutrient utilization and optimize crop performance with foliar and granular products powered by exclusive nutrient-delivery solutions.

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Diamond Brand® Ferrous Sulfate

North America’s exclusive source of ferrous sulfate. The only domestic producer of all forms of ferrous sulfate.

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Intracept™ offers a proprietary blend of micronutrients to help plants make the most of nutrient penetration, uptake and utilization.

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Nutri-Grow® phosphites deliver a powerful nutritional punch that allows turf to perform at optimal levels.

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Nutri-Phite® delivers critical plant nutrition and enhances nutrient uptake to optimize plant health and vigor.

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Nutri-Phite® Plus

Enhance nutrient delivery with Nutri-Phite® Plus. The patented technology stabilizes phosphite to help increase plant yields.

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Nutripaction Granulated Micronutrients

Receive high quality, uniform granulations through Nutripaction, our proprietary compaction technology.

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Prevent and correct trace element deficiencies with PolyAmines™ - readily available and rapidly absorbed amino acid chelated micronutrients.

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Primacy ALPHA®

Primacy ALPHA™ is a, unique and phosphite-free nutritional formulation designed to boost plant health and yield response in a wide variety of fruit, vegetable, tree, berry, forestry, nursery, and field crops.

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Sterics features patented chemistry that maximizes the availability of phosphorus, potassium and sulfur.

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