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Verdesian Life Sciences has expert sources and resources available covering nutrient efficiency, environmental stewardship, water quality and plant health.



Data. Ideas. Stories.

Introducing Groundswell – a six-part podcast brought to you each month from planting through harvest. We’ll be talking to farmers, agronomists and industry leaders who are helping farmers to define what sustainability looks like on their operation, and what it really means to have continuous improvement on every acre.


Company FAQs

Verdesian Life Sciences focuses on a variety of products making farmers more efficient, and is passionate about water quality and environmental stewardship.


Our team of agronomic experts is committed to demonstrating and sharing the information necessary to help farmers improve on-farm productivity, allowing retail agronomists and farmers to dig deeper. Data will be presented. Ideas will be developed. Stories will be shared.


Verdesian leadership and personnel hold a passion for water quality and sustainability and can speak to issues important to sustainability, the environment and water quality.

Products and Technologies

Verdesian develops technologies that improve plant health and nutrition, and provide solutions to agronomic challenges farmers face each day in nutrient efficiency and plant health.

Technical Resources

Our agronomists in the field and lab, as well as those we partner with, are well-versed on agronomic topics covering a variety of crops and conditions, from corn and wheat to almonds and plums.Verdesian technical experts know issues farmers are facing and can speak to solutions to these issues.


Verdesian leadership is focused on providing the science and technology farmers need to improve their nutrient uptake and efficiency, both for economic and environmental return.


ASA-Verdesian Provide Crop Advisors Nutrient Management, Water Quality Practices and Technologies Webinar

The American Society of Agronomy and Verdesian Life Sciences invite you to join the ASA’s September webinar focusing on sustainable water quality from a nutrient management perspective. Sponsored by Verdesian Life Sciences, the webinar will take place Tuesday, September 12th from 11:30am-12:30pm (CT).

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FlexConnect Changes the Inoculant Mixing Game

Verdesian Life Sciences introduces a revolutionary new technology, FlexConnect™, the first closed transfer system for soybean inoculants. 

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Sustainability Goes Hand in Hand with Profits

One company’s purpose is helping farmers make gains in crop performance and environmental outcomes

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Technology Signals Crops to Take Up More Nitrogen

Yield increases captured in multi-year field trials from technology that creates nitrogen “hunger pangs” in plants

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Verdesian Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Redox

Verdesian Life Sciences U.S., LLC files patent infringement lawsuit against Redox Chemicals, LLC, in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Georgia.

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